El Capitan
Universe Disney
Debut DuckTales
Character Introduced Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Playstyle Unknown
Representation Unknown


  • He Shouts GOLD!!! like El Fua but it Can't Heal the Player or the Computer (Who Grabbed the Thophy)
  • He Use the Gun Out and Shot the Bullets Out for some Damage
  • Sent the Golden Cannon to Shot Gold Cannon Balls (Only 6 Cannon Balls) for some Powerful Damage

Inspiration Clips

Gold Attack


Golden Cannon

Trophy Description

El Capitan is a villain from Disney's DuckTales, featured in the five-part pilot "Treasure of the Golden Suns". He was voiced by Jim Cummings. He was once a sea-captain from Spain, and he and his crew acquired a treasure from the People of the Gold Sun. The ship was lost though a model of it (which contained clues to its whereabouts) somehow wound up in Scrooge's collection. El Capitan has spent centuries seeking the map to his lost gold, living through sheer force of will and his all-consuming greed for gold. He eventually learned of the map's location but couldn't get it himself. So he broke the Beagle Boys out of jail and promised them some of the treasure if they stole the map.